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  • Higher prices at the pumps are a good thing — really

    That whining sound you hear is American consumers (formerly known as American citizens) fretting over the rising cost of gasoline. Pump and circumstance. The current national average price of gas — $1.41 per gallon — is a full 25 cents higher than it was merely four months ago, and analysts predict that the price could […]

  • Notes on the Underground

    The February issue of Scientific American tells of a new technology that makes me both rejoice and worry. It looks so great, so likely to relieve a massive environmental problem that there’s no way I could oppose it. But on second, third, and fourth thought, I have some doubts. The technology is called carbon sequestration. […]

  • Hot and Steamy

    Geothermal power will get a boost today when U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson announces a goal of generating as much as 10 percent of the West’s electricity from geothermal sources by 2020. Richardson will announce $4.8 million in grants to advance research in geothermal energy, a renewable source that taps heat energy from under the […]

  • Car Talk

    70 million motor vehicles were on the world’s roads in 1950 630 million motor vehicles were on the world’s roads in 1994 1 billion motor vehicles are expected to be on the world’s roads by 2025, if the current growth rate continues 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted by the average car each year […]

  • Forty

    • percentage by which energy consumption in developing nations is expected to grow by 2010 • percentage of written prescriptions that are either based on or synthesized from natural compounds found in plants and animals • percentage of total paper used in Germany that goes toward packaging • percentage by which one can reduce pollution […]