The Step It Up 2007 campaign is calling for people all across the U.S. to organize rallies in their communities on April 14, 2007, to demand action against climate change.

The goal is to have gatherings in all kinds of different places, in every state: outside churches, along shorelines and riverbanks, in cornfields, in forests, on statehouse steps, on the levees in New Orleans, on the melting glaciers of Mt. Rainier, even underwater on the endangered coral reefs off Key West. Altogether, these rallies will add up to the largest demonstration against climate change ever seen in the U.S.

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Every group will be saying the same thing: Step it up, Congress! Enact immediate cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions, and pledge an 80 percent reduction by 2050. No half measures, no easy compromises. The time has come to take the real actions that can stabilize our climate.

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Bill McKibben.

Organize an Event

So what are you waiting for? Step up to host an action in your community, or find an action that’s already being planned.

Read all about Step It Up in dispatches from Bill McKibben, who’s spearheading the campaign:

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