My fella and I have been living a one-car life for the last year, and overall it’s going pretty well. Helps that I’m a telecommuter, and helps that we have made the choice to live near a commuter rail and a small but semi-useful downtown. I also succeeded in finding a doctor and a dentist within (loosely defined) walking distance.

Which worked really well, on a sunny day, when I was in good health. But this morning, I had to go see my doctor. And it’s cold and rainy out. And I feel like crap.

Out came the bike. Out came the raincoat. Out came the helmet. And there went wobbly me, pedaling my sick self to the doctor. Did I imagine it, or did all those people in their snug cars and trucks give me funny looks as they splashed past?

I’m not looking for sympathy — well, not too much. Because I got to thinking about all those people who get sick and don’t have a car, or a bike — or, for that matter, health insurance or a doctor … damn. Depressing stuff on a rainy day.

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