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Climate Language


In case you need a reminder of how fast pop culture can move these days, consider the case of Wordle, the five-letter word-guessing game that’s taken the internet by storm. Although the browser-based puzzle, in which players have six tries to guess one set word of the day, has only been available to the public since October 2021, it already has nearly 3 million users. It has also spawned a slew of spinoffs, from Absurdle, where the winning word keeps changing on you, to Lewdle, a ruder variant.

One of the latest twists on the popular game brings a new meaning to all those “green” squares you’ve seen shared on social media. In “A Greener Worldle,” the word of the day always has something to do with our burning planet, like adapt, clean, drown, or — yesterday’s answer — facts.

The game has the same setup as the original Wordle, with letters you’ve guessed flipping yellow if they are part of the final word but in the incorrect spot, or green if they’re the correct spot. “You want the tiles to turn green, just like the planet,” the rules read.

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