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  • Well Hello, Dalai

    Ten days into the year 2000, as the media were abuzz with the merger of America Online and Time Warner, the Internet wafted to me the Dalai Lama’s millennium address. It’s a strange global info-world that brings those two pieces of information to one’s attention on the same day. The Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama […]

  • Sierra Club Can't Take a Leak

    A memo circulated recently around the Sierra Club‘s offices highlighted the “Top Ten” reasons the group should not endorse Vice Pres. Al Gore. The memo, written by Sierra Club board member Michael Dorsey and unearthed by the Washington Times last week, says: “Does Vice President Gore really care about nature? Does he care about protecting […]

  • A Republican berates his party for abandoning the environment

    Republicans are handing Democrats a green Y2K. So far, GOP presidential contenders have all but conceded the environmental issue to Al Gore and Bill Bradley. Rather than fight for the conservation mantle that was once the GOP’s, they seem content to not ask and not tell when it comes to the nation’s land, air, water, […]

  • What's So Funny About Greenpeace, Love, and Understanding? Part II

    Last week, we aired the ranting of a former Greenpeace USA staffer about the current state of the organization in the wake of the recent decision by the board of directors to resign en masse. This week, we offer a forum to Craig Culp, director of media affairs at Greenpeace, who, shall we say, was […]

  • It's Miller Time in Cali

    Bill Bradley has not been particularly competitive with Vice Pres. Gore in the world of endorsements and establishment support within the Democratic Party. In fact, he’s been roundly trounced. Gore boasts scores of supporters in Congress and among various and sundry party potentates scattered across the country. Gore also leads in endorsements from labor unions […]

  • Raking up the Rubble

    All week I’ve been cringing at the news. Tear gas. Broken windows. Bloody faces. The National Guard called in to defend Seattle against anti-WTO demonstrators. From far away, totally in sympathy with the demonstrators, I’ve been yelling at them, “No, please, get hold of yourselves! Don’t tar our cause with violence!” Cops taking over the […]

  • A Bad Deal for Dolphins

    Grist readers deserve better than the poorly informed coverage of the tuna/dolphin issue in a recent article by Rick Gaffney, which makes false and misleading claims about “dolphin safe” tuna fishing methods. A dolphin in the deep. Earth Island Institute, Defenders of Wildlife, the Humane Society of the United States, and dozens of other organizations […]

  • The Dude's a Hazard

    Officials at the Republican governors association have been talking a lot lately about Montana Gov. Marc Racicot (pronounced Roscoe, as in Rosco P. Coltrane of Dukes of Hazzard fame), touting him as a hot candidate for media interviews. Racicot is not exactly a household name and generally doesn’t stir much excitement in the bellies of […]

  • I Double Dare Ya

    The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market think tank not known as a particular favorite of enviros, issued a debate challenge to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change last week. In a letter published as an ad in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, CEI Distinguished Fellow Jack Kemp, a one-time vice presidential candidate, congressman, […]