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“How Focked Are We?” Offers Inside Look at COP15, Reporting in Signature Sassy Style on Climate Treaty Negotiations

SEATTLE, Nov. 23- COP15, the United Nations Climate
Change Conference in Copenhagen, is only two weeks away. Want to know
who’s comin’ to the party, who’s drinking the spiked Kool-Aid, and
who’s the dud in the corner? Grist has you covered.

today, and running through the conclusion of the conference on December
18, a special Grist series called “How Focked Are We?” will deliver
in-depth, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the COP15 summit at

nothing says “party” like a room full of climate negotiators, Grist
realizes that wonky debates over carbon offsets might not be what
everyone is looking for. So fear not. Grist’s coverage of COP15 will
have something for everyone – from substantive policy analysis and
real-time reporting, to hallway hearsay and climate celebrity gossip

Grist will let you know which climate deal makers to watch and which to
ignore, plus what angles and issues will be most controversial. Grist
will also serve up opinions and analysis from a panel of climate
experts to help make sense of it all.

you aren’t sold yet on the whole “global warming” thing, or it just
isn’t top of mind, check out Grist’s top 25 reasons to care about
climate change (honestly, it does impact you personally–and scantily
clad models care about it too!).

two full weeks of international negotiations on the future of our
planet, Grist’s “How Focked Are We?” series will highlight the best
bits, boil down the big issues, and explain what it all actually means.

It won’t all be gloom
and doom: We will also keep you entertained with daily videos from
comedian Eugene Mirman. With camera in hand, he’ll keep things light
and show you behind the scenes of COP15.

Highlights of Grist’s comprehensive COP15 coverage will include:

  • Grist
    reporter Jonathan Hiskes covering the on-the-ground action and keeping
    an eye on the bad guys who’ll be trying to disrupt the climate talks
  • Author
    and Grist contributor Amanda Little chatting with celebrities and
    notable policy makers who are trying to shape the treaty
  • Comedian Eugene Mirman posting daily videos that are sure to entertain
  • Grist green-living guru Umbra Fisk exploring what climate change and the treaty talks mean to normal people
  • And Grist energy and climate expert David Roberts telling it like it is as the conference unfolds

the Copenhagen conference ends, Grist will be launching an interactive,
open-source “Hopin’ Not Mopin” project to stave off the gloom and keep
people focused on positive climate action.

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