Here’s your chance to get to know some climate scientists! Sure, they may have aced math, but they are also super cool. They study cave stalagmites and space geodesy and other stuff we can’t pronounce or spell — all in a selfless quest to understand how all that evil atmospheric CO2 is threatening life as we know it. But we digress. Grist is proud to have the Union of Concerned Scientists showcase and celebrate the researchers behind the news, the climatologists who are helping to save the planet — and your ass!

The nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists started as a collaboration between students and faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1969. It is now an alliance of more than 250,000 citizens and scientists who believe that thoughtful action based on the best available science can help safeguard our future and the future of our planet. UCS is currently leading a campaign to elevate the voices of climate scientists and educate the public about the overwhelming scientific evidence for human-caused global warming. Learn how you can get involved at