The Breaking Through Concrete team.The Breaking Through Concrete team (l-r): Michael Hanson, Charlie Hoxie, and David Hanson.Updated January 7

The Breaking Through Concrete team spent much of 2010 on the road visiting and documenting the American urban farming movement. Sponsored in part by WHYHunger, David Hanson (writer), Michael Hanson (photographer), Charles Hoxie (videographer), and Edwin Marty (farmer) drove across the country in a biodiesel-fueled, Internet-enabled short bus they nicknamed Lewis Lewis (in photo at right).

The Hansons reported on 14 diverse projects for Grist, from the Homeless Garden Project in Santa Cruz to Common Good Farm in DC, that are transforming our built environments and creating jobs, training opportunities, local economies, and healthy food in our nation’s biggest cities. The team was collecting material for a book, due out from UC Press in 2011. Some of the posts and many of the photographs have thus been removed from Grist in order to be included in the book.

While you’re waiting, sample the whole tour in gorgeous high-definition stills and video via this Breaking Through Concrete wrap-up: