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ReGeneration Road Trip: Grist and Dell hit the road in search of a sustainable future

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  • Maps, videos, and images from our cross-country travels

    It’s been almost three weeks since I left Seattle to meet up with a total stranger and drive across the country in search of hope for a sustainable future. Well, hope we found — pretty much everywhere we looked. It was like a hope buffet, if you will, and believe you me, we tried to […]

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    Verdant Power shows it’s got the RITE stuff

        This is a guest post by my travel partner, Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s —– Four times a day, without fail, New York City’s East River will change directions. It’s been doing that for ages and will continue to do so long after we are gone. The tides are a constant, […]

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    The Green Theater Initiative aims to direct change

        Actor Gideon Banner cut his professional stage chops as a performer with Blue Man Group — and yes, that means he spent his evenings covered ear-to-ear in blue paint. But it seems that a nice shade of green is really more his style. Banner is the founder of the Green Theater Initiative, a […]

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    Greening the South Bronx and empowering its community with Green Worker Cooperatives

        This is a guest post from my travel partner, Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s —– After spending 35 years of her life punching the clock for someone else, South Bronx resident Gloria Walker is ready to start working for herself. Fortunately for her, there’s an organization in her neighborhood devoted not […]

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    Film Biz Recycling aims to roll credits on the wasteful film industry

    When a director yells “cut!” on the set of a TV show, commercial, or feature-length film, the cameras may stop rolling but production is far from over. While editors are looking at raw footage, producers are eyeing premiere numbers, and actors are reading over new scripts, someone else is tearing down the sets and getting […]

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    The Wolf Trap Center connects art and nature

        This is a guest post from my travel partner, Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s —– After our visit to the amazing Philip Merrill Environmental Center in Annapolis, Maryland, Sarah and I hopped in our trusty steed, Cletus the Prius, for a drive to the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts […]

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    The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s HQ is green and gorgeous

    Todd and I arrived early at our first D.C.-area appointment, so we wandered down a path leading out of the parking lot (where our Prius was in a “hybrid only” priority spot) and, to our delight, ended up on a sandy beach along the Chesapeake Bay. Shedding our shoes and any stress we might have […]

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    Methane digesters make dairy good sense

    When Shawn Saylor was in high school, he built a science-fair-sized solar-powered home, complete with tiny solar cells and working lights. (He got an A.) These days, Saylor is a fourth-generation dairy farmer working on an entirely different renewable energy project. The Hillcrest Saylor Dairy Farm in Rockwood, Pennsylvania, produces some 6,000 gallons of milk […]

  • Chicago’s City Hall is growing green

    This is a guest post from my travel partner, Todd Dwyer, head blogger for Dell’s —– Even as Sarah and I ran frantically down LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago in a desperate attempt to make it to our appointment with the Mayor’s office in time, it was apparent that there was something different about […]