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  • In the Caribbean, a tale of murder in a depleted forest

    “Death by a Thousand Cuts” tells the stories found at the deadly intersection of inequity and resource crisis.

  • Lawsuit accuses Virginia power company of poisoning Dominican community with toxic coal ash

    Here’s the damage from a coal ash spill in Tennessee.A civil lawsuit filed last week in state court in Delaware charges Arlington, Va.-based AES Corp. — one of the world’s largest power companies — with illegally dumping 160 million pounds of toxic coal ash waste onto beaches in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic, […]

  • And demonstrations

    One of punk's great anthems was one of the Clash's first great songs:

    White riot
    I wanna riot
    White riot
    Riot of my own.

    This was a sincere wish on the late Joe Strummer's part, and to some extent, his wish came true.

    The punk movement was a riot in music. His audiences were uncontrollable and he liked that, mostly. He saw a few riots and wanted more, to get people stirred up, showing their desires, demanding change.

    Could the ferment in present-day environmental interest be showing up in spontaneous demonstrations?

    I have seen a few examples in the news of what sounds -- at least from afar -- like environmental riots.

    This kind of demonstration of environmental rage rarely, if ever, seems to happen in the this country, so perhaps we -- including reporters -- aren't primed to expect it and report on it.

    But consider: