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  • Elena Kagan's childfree status: The mean take and the green take

    Pundits have seized on the fact that new Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan has no kids. Even "feminists" say she comes up short for being childfree.

  • Another reason why Elena Kagan might be a green Supreme Court justice

    Conventional thinking is that there’s not much exciting about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, either in her life story or in her legal area of expertise, administrative law. But there’s an interesting argument that Kagan’s drab-sounding expertise is precisely what environmental advocates need on the court. Climate-change overlaps quite a bit with administrative law — […]

  • Did Elena Kagan really flunk a food-policy litmus test?

    Former Gourmet contributing editor Barry Estabrook, now writing for The Atlantic‘s online food section, has raised concerns that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan may be too sympathetic to biotech giant Monsanto: It’s a good thing for Elena Kagan that there’s no non-GMO litmus test for Supreme Court nominees. She’d flunk. As solicitor general, […]

  • Elena Kagan, climate realist

    Photo: White House / Lawrence Jackson Here’s the dirt on Earth-hating Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan: On more than one occasion she was so consumed by her work that she accidentally left her car running overnight, a longtime “friend” told the New York Times. But it’s worth looking beyond this personal eco-foul to examine Kagan’s […]

  • First look at Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s green cred

    Update: Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan hasn’t said much about her environmental views, but she has a solid record of supporting climate law. Here’s the full story on her green cred. Courtesy Doc Searls via Wikimedia Commons—– Well, President Obama picked Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his second Supreme Court nominee. Here’s what we learned […]