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Meet the fixer: This organizer fights for safer waste disposal.

Trash incinerators spew dangerous toxins. Ahmina Maxey fights for safer waste disposal.

Meet the fixer: This teenager gives the youngest generation a voice.

Teenagers are often left out of the green conversation. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez gives the youngest generation a voice.

Meet the fixer: This scientist brings social justice to her field.

Science lacks diverse perspectives. Cynthia Malone pushes for inclusivity in STEM fields.

Meet the fixer: This advocate connects green Latinos.

Environmental activism can be lonely for people of color. Mark Magaña is building a network of green Latinos.

Meet the fixer: This entrepreneur helps the solar industry compete.

Utilities keep solar companies in the dark. Elena Lucas brings energy data into the light.

Meet the fixer: This farmer gives vets a chance to grow.

Veterans often have limited job options. Mike Lewis helps returning vets get back to the land.

Meet the fixers: These teens sued for environmental justice.

Oil and gas drilling in cities puts people of color at risk. L.A. youth groups sued their city to clean up its act.

Meet the fixer: This young farmer is saving soil.

American farmers are losing too much soil. Justin Knopf goes to the root of the problem.

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Meet the fixer: This developer built an app for food waste.

Perfectly good meals wind up in the trash. Raj Karmani built an Uber for food waste.