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  • Is Wind Energy the Magic Bullet for our Energy Future? (Video)

    Last year, the wind industry employed more workers than coal mining, according to a report released by the American Wind Energy Association. Wind energy jobs increased 70 percent to 85,000 in 2008, 4,000 more workers than are employed in coaling mining (based of Department of Energy figures). But is it the magic bullet that will […]

  • Watch Interview with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson

    Time to Act? What’s Next for Climate Policy With Special Guest: Lisa Jackson On April 20 I talked with Lisa Jackson, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency about about the upcoming climate legislation, innovation in carbon reductions and the upcoming priorities for the Obama Administration. Watch all clips with Lisa Jackson on Planet Forward>> […]

  • George W. Bush’s man in Copenhagen

    COPENHAGEN — To understand how global climate negotiations reached such a troubled state before the U.N. talks began here last week, one could do worse than to look to James L. Connaughton. James L. Connaughton headed George W. Bush’s Council for Environmental QualityFile photo / Wikimedia CommonsFor eight years, Connaughton was the top White House […]