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  • Heartland grows new crop of anti-climate governor candidates

    In Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming, four Democratic governors who have supported clean energy may be replaced by Republicans who have expressed fealty to big oil. The Republican candidates -- Terry Branstad in Iowa, Sen. Sam Brownback in Kansas, Rep. Mary Fallin in Oklahoma, and Matt Mead in Wyoming -- hold commanding leads in the polls over their Democratic opponents.

  • Anatomy of a Senate climate bill death

    Ryan Lizza's recent New Yorker piece provides an interesting insider view of the rise and fall of climate legislation in the Senate. But Lizza gives short shrift to the real reasons Senate passage of climate legislation was impossible in 2010: the deep recession, unified and uncompromising opposition in the Senate, and big spending by oil, coal, and other energy interests. Let's take a close look at these factors.

  • The South has renewable energy too!

    It's time for Southern senators to realize that their states have renewable energy too and they should support a renewable electricity standard.