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  • How we can eat our way out of the seafood crisis

    Acclaimed chef and sustainable seafood champion Barton Seaver explains why saving the oceans means eating more vegetables, sardines, and farm-raised shellfish.

  • A new tool for navigating around overfishing and mercury taint

    Chart by Neil Banas. Here’s a PDF version.   Not long ago, I arrived at a fishmonger (Carrboro, N.C.’s Tom’s Seafood) just before closing time looking for a main course — preferably one that didn’t wouldn’t contribute to stripping the oceans bare or addle my tired brain with lashings of mercury (courtesy of coal-fired power […]

  • Food writers and the state of the oceans

    Yesterday, I criticized New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman, a writer I admire, for calling for red snapper in a recipe, without noting that red snapper is severely overfished. Today, Bittman responded. Below find Mark’s response, with mine underneath. In short, this was a screw-up, and for that I apologize, and thankful for the […]

  • Bittman takes a bite out of the ocean

    Endangered species for sale Photo: MaRonin47 I’m a big fan of Mark Bittman. I’ve been reading him since his Cook’s Illustrated days in the early ’90s; I consider his weekly “Minimalist” column in The New York Times invaluable; and several of his cookbooks sit, stained and dogeared, on my shelf. Bittman made a career by […]

  • Michael Boots, director of the Seafood Choices Alliance, answers Grist’s questions

    Michael Boots. With what environmental organization are you affiliated? I am the director of the Seafood Choices Alliance, which is the largest program of the communications-based organization SeaWeb. What does your organization do? Seafood Choices Alliance is a global trade association that works on the issue of ocean-friendly seafood. The alliance helps the seafood industry […]