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  • Three Gorges Dam has serious issues, China admits

    When a country commits to any project as monstrous as China's Three Gorges Dam, it is bound to encounter occasional difficulties. The Chinese government, as governments are wont to do, has preferred to gloss over the dam's detriments and emphasize its attributes, like the 84 billion kilowatt hours of electricity it produced last year. But […]

  • The earth’s decade

    Generations from now, long after the last Twitter follower has unfriended the last Facebook user, this decade will be remembered and felt for its impact on Nature: the species that were saved and those that were lost; the heating of the planet; the forests cut down and those that remain to provide oxygen to our […]

  • Hubris on the Yangtze

    555 — height, in feet, of the Washington Monument, the tallest structure in Washington, D.C. 575 — height, in feet, of the new Three Gorges Dam in China (which is also wider than 100 Washington Monuments standing edge to edge) 4.3 million — cubic meters of concrete needed to build the Panama Canal 26.4 million […]