BP blacked out on Grist homepage

If you’re feeling outraged but impotent about the effect of the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico, the internet (or some paint and an ad poster) can offer a little catharsis. Web developer jess3 has created a Firefox plugin which splashes a bit of oil on every mention of BP on the web.

Once you install the add-on in your Firefox browser, it blacks-out the following: BP, British Petroleum, Transocean, Gulf Oil Spill, and Deepwater Horizon. And, as I discovered while writing this post, this applies to images with any of those words as the alternate image text, or meta data. (There were so many violators in this post I had to disable the plug-in in order to finish writing it.)

It might not make any difference, but it just feels good.

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Might make it difficult to read Grist though. Above is a screenshot of the BP black-outs on the Grist homepage, and below is from our comprehensive page covering the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Perhaps a little web graffiti is in order for BP’s homepage?

Via Mashable.com.

BP blacked out on Grist

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