Fast Company‘s design blog reports on some inspiring advertising:

Americans are riding bikes more than ever, yet cycling is still held up as some sort of cultish hobby relegated to aggro dudes with messenger bags who live and die by their fixed gears.

So maybe it’s time for a new image, yeah? Colle+McVoy, a Minneapolis ad agency, has partnered with the coalition Bikes Belong to design People for Bikes, an ingenious bike branding campaign that presents a refreshingly sunny view of life on two wheels … The heart of the campaign is this cheery graphic, one of the best logos we’ve seen in a long time. (And at last, a smiley face we don’t associate with Walmart.)


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It’s like I always say: advertising will save the world. Or at least make an earth-friendly activity a bit more socially appealing. Nothing wrong with that.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Some ads from the same campaign: