If you read Grist (or watch the video above), you already know we’re a little bit different.

That’s because we took a big gamble back in 1999. “Hey,” we said, “let’s start an environmental news site. Let’s use that newfangled thing called email to send our news around. And let’s be a nonprofit.”

But that crazy experiment worked. Grist has grown from a tiny audience (mostly made up of our worried parents) to a monthly audience of 2 million people around the world. That audience is made up of people like you who want to know all there is to know about this planet of ours — and who like a little irreverence with their news.

We are a reader-supported publication. Every month, thousands of people donate whatever they can to keep Grist going.

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They do this for all sorts of reasons: 1) Because independent media matters a lot; 2) Because Grist is fighting for a healthier planet; 3) Because we give people great ideas for how to live a greener life; 4) Because we are winsome and charming; 4.5) Because we are not above bribing — I mean thanking! — our donors with little perks and prizes.

Whatever motivates someone to give, we’re grateful. Reader donations make up more than a third of our budget. We could not survive without them. Without you.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

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