I must admit, I enjoy watching Volkswagen TV commercials. They’re hip (“Independence Day”), funny (“Airport”), sometimes innovative (“Squares”) and sometimes weird (“Sardines”). But I’ve often wondered when VW will seriously enter the hybrid market.

According to Wired‘s Autopia blog, maybe soon:

Volkswagen is exploring using lithium ion batteries in future hybrid vehicles. The German automaker is working with Hybrid Technologies to develop a concept vehicle in North Carolina. Hybrid Technologies is currently working on hybrid Smart Cars for Europe with lithium batteries instead of the nickel-metal hydride batteries used in today’s hybrids.

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In September VW said it would begin building hybrid Touran cars in China with Shanghai Automotive. Speaking of China, GM recently agreed to work with SAIC Motor Company on producing low-cost hybrids for the world’s third largest auto market.

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Volkswagen has been late to the game, but I’m still holding out hope for a hybrid Golf TDI that will get around 70 mpg.

Me, I’m simply looking forward to the first VW hybrid commercial.