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We made a book! It’s available now.

Like to read Grist, but don’t like bringing your laptop into the bathroom? Have we got a deal for you. We’re pleased to announce the first-ever (highly totable) Grist book:

Wake Up and Smell the Planet
The Nonpompous, Nonpreachy Grist Guide to Greening Your Day

Yep, that’s right, Grist is leaping off the screen and onto the (100 percent post-consumer recycled) page with a handy, helpful companion for making it through life with your sanity — and values — intact.

Wake Up and Smell the Planet is available now! Inside its colorful covers, you’ll find loads of information and tips on everything from shaving to shopping, from greening your office to greening your video games. And all of it delivered with the good humor and bad puns that are Grist’s trademark.

What’s that you’re asking? Why should you buy Wake Up and Smell the Planet? We’ll give you 8.5 good reasons:

1. You’ll always have answers to the peskiest eco-questions at your fingertips.

2. It’s better than The Secret.

3. Little-known fact: a book uses only half the electricity of a computer!

4. Buy it for your friends, to spread the green love.

5. It makes a handy flotation device.

6. Where else can you get the real dirt on the Jolly Green Giant?

7. Books make you look wicked smaht.

8. Did we mention you’ll always have answers to the peskiest eco-questions at your fingertips?

8.5. Grist’s employees like to eat.