Month: February 2012

Wind turbine workers get their own reality show

“Turbine Cowboys,” tells the stories of a bunch of men and women "who are pushed to the limit both physically and emotionally as they brave extreme heights and every conceivable weather condition to work on wind turbines."

Critical List: China’s emissions outstrip America’s; Bill Gates hearts geoengineering

By 2015, China will emit 50 percent more greenhouse gas emissions than the United States does. The Texas drought has forced some towns to ship in their water by truck. Bill Gates is underwriting geoengineering lobbying efforts.

Look, Dad! No hands! The travails of teaching kids to bike in the city

What’s a bike-loving helicopter parent to do with kids in the urban jungle? Here are six things that will help keep your free-wheeling young’uns out of harm’s way.

Ask Umbra: Where do chemical-sucking plants go to die?

Some plants remove nasty contaminants from the soil. What happens to those leafy overachievers when their time is up? Umbra explores.

The Change Gang: people making waves

Plant a tree, pay a salary, save the climate — all at once

Tim Whitley's Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty bird-dogs big problems by connecting their solutions.

Why climate change will make you love big government

Natural disasters like the ones we saw so many of in 2011 -- and will see more of with a changing climate -- remind us just how important it is to have a functional government.

Just how big are subsidies to fossil-fuel companies? Help us find out

The Institute for Policy Integrity is using crowdsourcing to find out exactly how much companies like Shell and ExxonMobil receive in subsidies and tax breaks.

Making moonshine and molasses [VIDEO]

The Perennial Plate gang stops in at a North Carolina farm to learn about a rare variety of heirloom corn and sample some moonshine.

This will be the greenest Super Bowl ever

I know football fans feel pretty strongly about doing things exactly the same way every time, lest their switch in underwear or beer brand or whatever be the butterfly’s wing that leads to their favorite team tanking. So I have …