What should be the objectives of the US-based climate movement in 2014?

Over the past few years, since the death in 2010 of cap-and-trade legislation in the US Senate and the emergence a year later of a broadly-based noKXL movement, there’s been an upturn in successful working unity among many of the groups that make up the overall climate movement. This is hopeful, and it makes possible some significant strides forward, it seems to me, between now and Election Day 2014.

Election Day next year is a key marker, and I would argue that this is true whether you’re a big believer in electoral activism or a radical anti-hierarchy horizontalist. The recent over-the-top actions of the ultra-rightist Republicans that shut down the government and almost led to a US financial default are just the latest in a series of actions by the climate-denier Republicans that reveal how dangerous, how much of a serious threat to forward progress they really are. 2014 has to be a year that this threat is reduced, that a decisive, political turning point is reached, by way of defeats at the ballot box.