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Ugh. I’ve got about 50 things stacked up to write about, but I’ve finally been struck by the illness that’s been floating around Seattle. I can’t breathe, my muscles ache, and my head is … fuzzy. I feel stoopid. Anyway, …

That problematic cubic mile of oil, revisited

Expressing energy consumption

A while back, I mentioned this idea of expressing energy consumption in "cubic miles of oil." I was not impressed. I feel better now that Engineer-Poet has expressed (far more intelligently) his own dissatisfaction:

Newsweek article on emissions trade

Not happy

Newsweek, "Global Warming: No Easy Fix":

More cash for smart people with good ideas

Join the Lifecycle Building Challenge

Check out the eponymous Lifecycle Building Challenge.

Walking proudly, even while dragging one's knuckles

I’m sure this will get old someday

Inhofe at the Conservative Political Action Conference, quoted in the Washington Post: "I have been called — my kids are all aware of this — dumb, crazy man, science abuser, Holocaust denier, villain of the month, hate-filled, warmonger, Neanderthal, Genghis …

Stifling the press in the age of the internet: difficult

This one’s funny

Ah, this is rich. Between 1980 and 2004, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities made upgrades to its three power plants. In at least 15 cases, it failed to apply for or receive New Source Review permits beforehand, or …

Letter to Leonardo

Better be ready to prove your eco-cred

Dear Leonardo, You own a hybrid. You talked up global warming on Oprah. And last week, you stepped up to the Oscar mic with Al Gore. But I wonder if you have any idea how much eco-scrutiny you're going to …

They Didn’t Get the “Aw, Cute” Memo

Public hearings on polar-bear fate get Alaskans all riled up The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is holding public hearings on plans to list the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act, and it’s getting an earful. A hearing in …

But Wait, There’s More

High-tech extraction methods are delaying the peak of world oil production Remember the predictions that the world was at or near the peak of oil production? Sigh with us now, for industry is using high-tech methods to suck oil from …