How green is your candidate? Info on the 2008 presidential contenders

Grist interviews Vilsack; Vilsack quits presidential race

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D) has added another "former" to his list of titles by withdrawing from the 2008 presidential race. But before he folded, citing financial concerns, Grist's Amanda Griscom Little interviewed Vilsack -- a vocal opponent of …

Have Some Class: Feed your Roots

Win a compost bin designed and autographed by celeb-types

Youth-focused group Global Inheritance has teamed up with hip-hoppers The Roots to get composting into schools across the U.S. As part of the Feed Your Roots campaign, elementary, middle, and high schools who develop composting programs will have the chance …

Kelpie Wilson on Branson's prize

She’s not into it

A couple weeks ago, Daily Grist noted Richard Branson’s $25 million prize, offered for some kind of widget that will take CO2 out of the atmosphere. I didn’t have much to say about it — Tom more or less captured …

This just in

Vilsack is out

Vilsack, we hardly knew ye. A long shot, yes. But those energy policies … so dreamy.

Swarm of French hornets heading toward U.K.

It’s all the buzz in Europe

Global warming and Chinese pottery to blame!

Dean Foods says no to cloned milk

A dairy giant does the right thing

Erstwhile Gristmiller Sam Fromartz, true to form as an ex-reporter, has breaking news on his personal blog. Sam reports that Dean Foods, the dominant U.S. dairy supplier (you can find a list of its many brands here) has decided not …


I’m not Bush! Update [2007-2-22 17:8:54 by David Roberts]: Hilarious. Check out ThinkProgress to see how the right-wing blogs have responded to McCain’s criticism of Bush on climate change. He’s joined the majority of people in the world loony left!

Starving the beast: How to avoid Archer Daniels Midland

Must one do business with ADM?

Responding to my latest critique of Archer Daniels Midland and its business practices, a reader writes in to ask, “If I want to stop supporting ADM when grocery shopping, is there a list somewhere of what products to avoid buying?” …

When snow won't fall

Can a carbon tax neutralize new carbon emitters?

At the Carbon Tax Center, we're forever on the lookout for new and outsized ways in which Americans are using energy. Too often, today's novelty item is just a clever marketing campaign away from tomorrow's sizable carbon emitter. Witness high-definition …