Alt fuels comparison

Check out this incredibly thorough, fair-minded comparison of various alternative vehicle fuels from, of all places, Popular Mechanics. You can also download a comparison chart (PDF). Nice work.

Holy mother of … something

CEI, the hack factory that's been releasing misleading ads bashing An Inconvenient Truth, is now defending chewing tobacco. Seriously.

An Inconvenient Truth opens today

An Inconvenient Truth opens nationwide today. Go see it. Take your friends.

The Truth Is Out There

An Inconvenient Truth opens nationwide today Having proved a hit in its limited run, An Inconvenient Truth — the documentary about Al Gore’s quest to …

Man Hatin’ Transfer

EPA declines to regulate polluted water transfers Corporate farms and other businesses would not need to obtain a Clean Water Act permit in many water-transfer …

Sulfur, So Good

EPA is jazzed about new rules on ultra-low sulfur diesel New federal clean-air rules came into effect yesterday, requiring sulfur content to be cut by …

Wal-Mart and Beyonce

If you're interested, Wal-Mart is webcasting its 2006 shareholders meeting. American Idol's Taylor Hicks will be performing. And Beyonce. Freaky. (CEO Lee Scott is talking about sustainability as we speak.) (Live performances archived here.)

Americans and Climate Change: Diffusion of responsibility I

"Americans and Climate Change: Closing the Gap Between Science and Action" (PDF) is a report synthesizing the insights of 110 leading thinkers on how to educate and motivate the American public on the subject of global warming. Background on the report here. I'll be posting a series of excerpts (citations have been removed; see original report). If you'd like to be involved in implementing the report's recommendations, or learn more, visit the Yale Project on Climate Change website. This chapter is about the fact that no organization or institution bears responsibility for taking action on climate change. Everyone assumes someone else will do it. I've put the first section, which describes the problem, below. Tomorrow I'll post the proposed solutions.


Memo to NYT: There's nothing "green" about building a second home. And yes, as it happens we are sick of reading about rich people.