The karma train's a-comin'

Watch out, EPA dudes!

Kevin Drum flags this little bit from the latest Evans-Novak Political Report:

Obama's tic

He understands you … and you too

Let's discuss Barack Obama, shall we? I'm about 3/4 of the way through his book. The first half or so is mostly him telling stories -- his own history, stories from his campaigns, stories about …

We Mine the World

Nuclear-hungry nations eye Africa’s uranium deposits In the 1980s, western nations tried to help Africa by assembling celebs to croon about its woes. Today we see how silly that is, so we’re back to extracting …

Lunguna Beach

Study says California diesel responsible for 1,100 premature deaths Overpopulation plaguing your state? Follow California’s lead and kill ’em off! A Union of Concerned Scientists study says diesel emissions from old construction equipment contributed to …

'Getting religion' on global warming: Now it's the U.S. insurance industry

They’re getting nervous

When it comes to global warming, Andrew Revkin of The New York Times is without peer at clarifying the science and Elizabeth Kolbert of The New Yorker is the scariest writer in the land. But …

Passing the bawk

Bird flu will enter the U.S. from the south, say researchers

While the pure panic over a global avian flu pandemic seems to have died down, the virus continues to spread. To date, H5N1 has showed up in 55 countries, but has not yet touched the …

Sweeping political repudiation …

... isn't going to stop Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) from being a tool.

Meetings, meetings who love meetings

Sorry for the lack of blogginess today. I've been in some marathon meetings about Grist's target audience, how to reach them, what they want, what we want to become, and how to select a concrete …

Adventures in traffic control

Funny video alert!

These retractable pillars are traffic-control devices in Manchester, England. People don't seem to really get them: