Bill Maher's intro to the Earth to America special. (via desmogblog)

Victory on Arctic Refuge drilling

The Senate has blocked the latest attempt to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Update [2005-12-21 12:16:45 by David Roberts]: MoveOn has set up a page where you can send Washington's own Sen. Maria Cantwell a message of thanks …

Pombo wins!

Congratulations, Dick.

New particulate regulations

Stop me if you've heard this one before:The Bush administration on Tuesday proposed new air quality regulations intended to reduce modestly sooty pollutants that health officials blame for thousands of premature deaths and illnesses each year. But in proposing the …

Japan Gets PAYD

Here's a little something I'll be keeping an eye on: Japanese insurance company Aioi has started to offer pay-by-the-mile car insurance. (See page 2 of this pdf.)  This is an especially nifty development, since it means that Aioi will be …

Ebert hearts Syriana

Roger Ebert has judged Syriana the second best movie of 2005. His review of the movie is here, mine (no doubt boasting equal readership) is here. FYI.

Play your Cardiffs right

Global warming takes the stage

Late January will see the "One Earth Concert," featuring (so far) The Strokes, The Darkness, and Super Furry Animals. The event, held in (where else?) Cardiff, Wales, will be broadcast around the world, with the aim of convincing a million …

Skepticism, real and faux

Speaking of things I'd like to offer some insightful contribution to but don't have time, do not miss yesterday's post on RealClimate about skepticism -- or rather, "skepticism." Climate skeptics are more accurately called contrarians. Everything but the most extreme …

Maass on the real price of oil

I keep meaning to say something insightful about the Peter Maass essay "The Price of Oil" that ran in the NYT last weekend. But it looks like I'm never going to have time, so instead I'll just say: go read …