The Nocturnal Hydro Minimiser can be yours for only $9.95

Act now!

Speaking of irrigation, the folks at the International Center for Environmental Arts emailed Grist about the South African students who won the 2005 Stockholm Junior Water Prize. From the press release:

More on CAFE and gas taxes

A response to a response to a response, only better than it sounds

Hm, looks like this post on CAFE standards stepped into quite a vigorous ongoing conversation. I want to address Matt's response, but first let me recommend some other background reading: Brad Plumer makes basically Matt's argument: gas taxes are better …

Hybrid tax credits

A great rundown on the hybrid-related tax credits in the energy bill over on Hybridblog.

A plan for a bright future beyond 2050

Scientific American’s special issue on the environment

Now available on newsstands (and the Internets) is Scientific American's special issue titled "Crossroads for Planet Earth." In it you'll find: George Musser setting the stage, Joel E. Cohen on population, Jeffrey D. Sachs on extreme poverty, Stuart L. Pimm …

More on hurricanes and global warming

Pielke Jr. responds

Roger Pielke Jr. has made something of a career out of studying societal response to hurricanes (see him quoted liberally here). He's made something of a side career out of arguing that greens should -- as a matter of ethics, …

Bombay Watch

Bombay bans plastic bags, saying they can clog drains and cause flooding Plastic bags are maddeningly ubiquitous and ugly as sin, but did you know they can cause flooding? According to India’s Maharashtra state government, millions of bags clogged up …

Tastes Like Chicken

Hong Kong becomes major outlet for trade in rare species Hong Kong has become a linchpin location for smuggling rare species into China, according to some opponents of the trade, who fear that huge demand may wipe out many animal …

The Sum of Squall Fears

What’s the link between hurricanes and global warming? The devastation wreaked on the Gulf Coast this week by Hurricane Katrina is sure to reignite debate over hurricanes and global warming. The science linking the two is ambiguous and complex, but …

Interview with Alex Steffen, part one

Worldchanging editor discusses optimism and technology

[editor's note, by Dave Roberts] This is part one of a three-part interview. Part two is here and part three is here. In April, I sat down for a long, wide-ranging conversation with Alex Steffen, executive editor of the (now …