SCOTUS update

Looks like, Beltway scuttlebutt notwithstanding, Rehnquist isn't retiring.

A Dung Deal

Toxic pollution in Arctic likely caused by contaminated bird poop Native residents of northern Arctic regions are ridden with toxic chemicals — some of the highest body concentrations in the world — and new research …

When macro isn't macro

Macroeconomy as microecosystem

To follow up on this post, it's great when ecologists and economists start speaking the same language. Even better is when they form the US Society for Ecological Economics. If you're the conference type they …


I missed this TIME story on the growing dam-removal movement a few days ago -- it's worth a read.

A dKos wind farm?

Famed progressive blog raises money to buy turbines.

Dang, I don't know how I missed this: The Kossacks over at famed progressive weblog DailyKos are trying to raise money to build a wind farm. A dKos-branded wind farm, no less! Another Kossack suggests …

Sunny share

Car-sharing starts to take off.

Here's a bit of interesting news on car sharing companies, which, according to The New York Times, are catching on a bit in Europe. The most salient bit: Studies suggest that one shared car replaces …


Sam Rosenfeld is right about this.


A grim vision of the future mega-city.

Mere moments ago I was whinging about Seattle being unable to build the monorail, paralyzed by an excess of open, transparent democratic process. Then I read this -- "Camel trainers claim that the children's shrieks …

Free parking -- nun such thing

Free parking is bad, bad, bad.

So what, exactly, do nuns drive?  Don't search for the punchline; it's an important question raised by Governing Magazine's Alan Ehrenhalt in his recent, useful recap of Donald Shoup's The High Cost of Free Parking: …