Obama's Climate LegacyThe election is over, the inauguration is complete, and it is time, as President Obama said in his inaugural address, to “answer the call of history.” That means taking bold action on climate change.

As President Obama embarks on his second term, many are already discussing his legacy. Will he be the president who stood by while the climate crisis unfolded? Or will he be our generation’s Abraham Lincoln, rallying the nation to tackle the fundamental moral challenge of our time?

The president sounded all the right notes on Monday:

 We will respond to the threat of climate change … knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.

But he still hasn’t told us what he plans to do.  And if we’ve learned anything about this president, we need to make him do it. Over 10,000 members of Forecast the Facts have signed our petition to President Obama: