Alexander Ochs

Alexander Ochs is director of the Worldwatch Institute’s Climate and Energy Program.

Climate and population are linked — but maybe not the way you thought

No, this isn't about blaming people with large families in developing countries -- or blaming anyone at all.

France Passes Climate-Friendly Legislation

Green deal or great disillusion?

While the United States is unlikely to pass a climate bill in the near future, there may be greater hope from one of the country’s closest allies: France.

The new power world

Will China steal the U.S. thunder by launching cap-and-trade in the next five years?

Just when the U.S. Senate finally admitted to abandoning its plan of issuing a federal climate bill by the end of this year, top Chinese officials were discussing how to launch carbon trading programs under their country’s next five-year plan …

On the road to Copenhagen, hope springs eternal

Half a year before the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen, negotiators are far from agreeing on key components of a global climate deal. As envisioned in the 2007 Bali Climate Action Plan (or “Bali Roadmap”), the summit in December is …