Andrea Appleton

Andrea Appleton is a freelance writer based in Baltimore.

A fresher Philly: Fruits and veggies make a comeback in the city’s corner stores

With 31-year-old Brianna Almaguer Sandoval at the helm, the Healthy Corner Store Initiative is adding nutritional value to some of the city's poorest neighborhoods.

The solution to America’s food waste problem: Feed people

Arthur Morgan's radical idea: Collect the tons of leftover food from farmers markets and distributors and deliver it to those who need it.

L.A.’s Ron Finley wants to make gardening gangsta

The man who says gardening is his graffiti talks about fame, sex, and his diabolical plan to take over the world.

Black to the land: Project explores connections between race and place

Most African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and African immigrants live in cities. That doesn’t mean they don’t have deep roots.

“Miracle garden” brings life, and food, to the urban wasteland

For 25 years, a devoted group of residents has tended a garden in a former dumping ground in East Baltimore. Its chief caretaker calls it "God's little acre."

Post-Sandy, green groups at loggerheads with plans to rebuild Jersey’s boardwalk empire

How to rebuild all those destroyed promenades? With trees cut from the rainforest, thus contributing to even more superstorms, natch.

Glenn Ross gives ‘toxic tours’ of neighborhoods you’ve seen in ‘The Wire’

Want to sell inner-city residents on the importance of environmental protection? Don't talk to them about saving the seals, says this lifelong Baltimore resident.