Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson is a senior science writer at Climate Central. Follow her on Twitter.

watering pole

Arctic sea ice peaks in the winter. For the third year in a row, it’s at a record low.

It’s missing an area the size of California and Texas combined.

false start

1.5 degrees C may be closer than we thought

Depending when you start measuring from, the world may already be nearing international targets.

come rain or shine

The California drought is on its way out, but deeper droughts lie ahead

Climate swings are only going to get worse.

shelf life

Antarctica’s fourth biggest ice shelf is on the verge of collapse

"This event will fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula."

guest post

2017 will likely get the “not-as-hot-as-last-year” award

The streak of record-hot years is about to end -- but not by much.

flash forward

Maryland’s flash flood is a sign of what the future has in store

Ellicott City was drenched with six inches of rain in just two hours.

just a li'l chill

Don’t be fooled by a cooling Antarctica — warming is winning out

The climate is complicated, but one thing is clear: We're all heading to a warmer world.

bloom & bust

Florida’s algae-infested lakes are a sign of things to come

Warming lakes and oceans are happy homes for algae.

Cirrus business

Warmer temperatures are shifting clouds toward the poles

The changes in cloud cover could raise temperatures even further.