Andrew Leonard

Andrew Leonard is a staff writer at Salon. He lives in Berkeley, Calif., with his two children and likes to ride his bicycle.

Urban Agriculture

Tanya Fields: Breaking locks and planting seeds in the South Bronx

Empty lots plus a passion for nutrition: How a food-stamp-reliant mother of four got into the food-justice movement.


Betsy MacLean: Community development as public health

Can sustainability make sense in the inner city? Sure -- if you talk about saving money instead of saving polar bears.


Kate Zidar: A sewershed grows in Brooklyn

Salvaging a notoriously polluted urban creek takes nerds of steel.

Business & Technology

Skate punk gets business degree to sharpen his activist chops

Erick Boustead first brewed his heady mixture of music, organizing, and online media to fund a skate park.


Max Cadji: Worms against the philanthro-pimps!

A food activist brings lessons learned in the Peace Corps and Madagascar back to the San Francisco Bay Area in a quest to create businesses that can thrive without grants.

Climate & Energy

Plant a tree, pay a salary, save the climate — all at once

Tim Whitley's Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty bird-dogs big problems by connecting their solutions.


Energy bar-ista moves from reality TV to real food

Corey Rennell took what he learned as a contestant on a survivalist reality-TV show and packed it into the ultra-natural Core Meal bars he now sells.


Soul food survivor: The transformation of Trazana Staples

Here's how a Nashville resident remade herself into a crusader for healthy eating and built an oasis in a food desert.

Business & Technology

How a 21-year-old ended up in India with a bag full of solar flashlights

Ximena Prugue didn't know anything about India before she went there to hand out solar flashlights. All she knew was that she wanted to make a difference.