Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is the founder of and the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College. In 2014 he was given the Right Livelihood Award, sometimes called the "alternative Nobel," in the Swedish Parliament. He is also a member of Grist's board of directors.

Climate & Energy

Why do other planets get official protection against pollution, but not Earth?

There's no planetary protection officer for Earth (but there is one for Mars).

Climate & Energy

McKibben to Obama: We can’t negotiate over the physics of climate change

Notes on the dangerous difference between science and political science.

An Open Letter to the Democratic frontrunner

McKibben to Clinton: Now it’s really time to get serious about climate change

In an open letter to Hillary Clinton, Bill McKibben lays out exactly why she needs to put climate change at the center of her campaign -- and how she can win with it.

An open letter to the president

McKibben to Obama: You still have time to be a climate champion — but not much

In an open letter to President Obama, Bill McKibben argues that the White House should take strong steps to change the carbon game -- right now.

Climate & Energy

All eyes are on Seattle as it fights Shell’s dirty Arctic plans

"Kayaktivists" are taking to the water this weekend to protest Shell's decision to moor its Arctic drilling rig at Seattle's port.

Climate & Energy

Al Gore is still kicking butt as a climate warrior

He's reviving Live Earth. He's telling truths to the 1%. He sticks up for the 350 ppm goal. He bashes Keystone. Gore is a global rock star.

Climate & Energy

Why we’re getting ready to march for climate change

The largest climate march in history is happening on Sunday, right through the middle of Manhattan. Here's why the event organizers think you should pay attention.

Leak Report

Bad news for Obama: Fracking may be worse than burning coal

New science shows that thanks to methane leaks, gas won't work as a "bridge fuel."

Sweatshops Should Take A Hike

Your hiking gear might come from a sweatshop. Here’s how you can fix that

North Face's parent company refuses to sign an important safety accord for Bangladeshi garment workers.