Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

Making cheese from Icelandic sheep [VIDEO]

At Star Thrower Farm, Deborah and Scott Pikovsky raise these cold-hardy animals for their milk, meat, and wool -- and they do it outside, on pasture, all year long.

Truly sustainable meat eaters choose rabbit [VIDEO]

This week, I visited Marshall Farm, one of the few (if not the only) commercial rabbit producers in Minnesota, where Scott and his family just finished their first year of raising bunnies. Care for a "Sloppy Hoppy"?

Learn how truly wild rice is harvested [VIDEO]

Most wild rice that you see at the store is not, in fact, wild. Truly wild rice is superior in flavor, but few have the patience for this kind of painstaking hand-harvesting anymore except Native Americans.

Making bread with Rustica Bakery — then bread pudding [VIDEO]

When it comes to choosing subject matter for my show, my reasoning varies: Sometimes I think about what the audience might want to see; oftentimes it has to do with what's in season. This week it was purely selfish: I …

Hunting for deer — in the woods and on the street

Every year, more than a million deer and other animals are hit by cars. What happens to them? Some get eaten. Whether you consider roadkill for dinner reasonable or gross, it's certainly one of the most responsible meat sources available.

Sustainably farmed trout make a tasty, savory chowder [VIDEO]

A visit to Star Prairie, a small trout farm situated on the Apple River in Wisconsin, yields fish for a cold-killing chowder.

Mushrooms in the Minnesota winter [VIDEO]

Learn how oyster mushrooms are grown and how to make a delicious terrine out of them -- all while you ponder the local-versus-sustainable question.

Cooking for a crowd in the dead of winter [VIDEO]

A harvest dinner I hosted at Two Pony Gardens was made with 100% Minnesota ingredients, except salt -- hey, I did the best I could!

Finding local, sustainable seafood in Minnesota [VIDEO]

Around Minneapolis, fishing is a huge sport and there are trout farms, but there aren't many sources for sustainably caught fish. Among of the exceptions are the few commercial fishermen left on Lake Superior, like Harley Tofte.