Daniel Souweine

Daniel Souweine is the campaign director for ForecastTheFacts.org, which seeks to ensure that Americans receive accurate information about climate change. Forecast the Facts is a project of Citizen Engagement Lab, of which Daniel is a co-founder and where he previously served as chief of staff. His previous lives include stints as a film producer, criminal justice policy wonk, and student at Brown University.

  • Why is WGBH Legitimizing David Koch’s Climate Change Denial?

    Last Wednesday, more than 50 people gathered outside of WGBH — Boston’s public television station and the largest producer of national PBS television content — with 119,000 petition signatures calling on the station to drop David Koch from its board. Even Elmo was there …

  • What Sandy Looks Like Six Months Later

    Two weeks ago, I visited Keansburg, NJ, one of the many Jersey Shore communities devastated by the fossil-fueled Superstorm Sandy. My ostensible purpose was to deliver a check from members of my organization, Forecast the Facts, who had graciously donated …

  • The Climate Silence Continues

    Anyone who takes the threat of climate change seriously has to view the reelection of Barack Obama with great satisfaction. The American people rejected Mitt Romney, a candidate who mocked the threat of climate change, much to the delight of …

  • 2012 or 1988?

    1988. That was the year of James Hansen’s now famous congressional testimony on climate change. It was also the first year that climate change came up in the presidential debate cycle. Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Margolis asked Vice Presidential candidates …

  • At the debate, listen for the climate silence

    A new campaign aims to mobilize voters who want to see the presidential candidates take climate concerns seriously.

  • Hey, weather man: Where’s the climate coverage?

    TV viewers want meteorologists to explain why their country’s on fire. Will weathercasters embrace the responsibility when they meet this week at their annual conference?

  • It wasn’t just the billboards: How activists brought down the Heartland Institute

    Yes, the Heartland Institute shot itself in the foot with its stupid Unabomber billboard. But what really hurt was the anti-Heartland campaign joined by tens of thousands of citizen activists.