Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins is the director of Climate Programs at the NRDC.


Market forces, not EPA standards, killing new coal plants

Cross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prepares the first-ever national standards for carbon pollution from new fossil-fuel power plants, the coal industry is embarking, predictably, on its latest disinformation campaign to try to …

Climate Policy

Why does Congress have Clean Air Act phobia?

Cross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. It’s a sad state of affairs when members on both sides of the aisle in Congress seem to think it is a good idea to attack the Clean Air Act — the landmark …

Climate Skeptics

Republican congressmen vote away scientific facts

Rep. Upton wrote the bill with his trunk.Photo: Eric MolinaCross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Barry Goldwater famously said, “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” Maybe so, but extremism in the defense of fantasy is a …

Climate & Energy

An open letter to Michael Morris, CEO of American Electric Power

An open letter to a utility executive asking him to rethink his opposition to EPA climate regulations.

Climate & Energy

40 years of clean air progress

I attended the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Clean Air Act at EPA this past week. It was a breath of fresh air (sorry) to hear so many speakers from industry as well as health groups and from …

Climate & Energy

Carbon capture and storage: A piece of the puzzle

In his recent blog, David Sassoon calls President Obama’s creation of a task force for a Carbon Capture and Storage Strategy a big victory for the coal industry. Let me offer a few thoughts on why I believe this task …