Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson

Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson is a contributing editor with Architect magazine. Her writing has appeared in Metropolis, Conde Nast Traveler, the New York Times Magazine, and Slate, among others. She writes from her home in Baltimore.


Gallery walls: Cities embrace street art as a ticket to success

This spring, Baltimore joins a growing list of cities that have co-opted an illegal art form, turning it into a tool for economic development. But in the clear light of day, can street art stay true to its roots?


Design o’ the times: Empowering minorities to shape urban landscapes

A spate of new design-based public schools aims to increase the number of minorities practicing design and architecture.


Re-Occupy Main Street: Entrepreneurs revive down-and-out business districts

Designer Will Phillips (pictured) and John Bolster have opened Sandtown Millworks in a former bank with help from a Operation:Storefront grant.Photo: Elizabeth Evitts DickinsonLast week kicked off that special time of year when indulgence and guilt face off in the ultimate death match, prompting headlines like this one in the “healthy living” section of the Huffington Post: “Can holiday shopping count as exercise?” (Uhm, no.) This year, small businesses across the country are harnessing the spirit of the Occupy movement in the hopes of reclaiming the spirit of the holiday season. If you plan to shop, they say, buy local, …

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