Elly Blue

Elly Blue is a writer and bicycle activist based in Portland, Ore. She blogs at Taking the Lane and is writing a book about Bikenomics that comes out in 2013. You can also find her on Twitter.


Tis the season … for road rage

Nothing says, “Happy Holidays,” like …Photo: Mikey WallyMichelle Poyourow, a transportation consultant in Portland, Ore., decided to ride down Hawthorne Blvd. for just a block. She was already on the defensive — it was a …


A gift guide to bike stuff that people actually want

Photo: Adams CarrollI’m not going to hate on shot glasses with bikes on them or leather holsters for carrying wine bottles by bicycle, but if you want to give someone a bicycle-related gift this holiday …


Wheely, wheely thankful

Photo: iamosIn last Sunday’s New York Times, columnist Mark Bittman compiled a list of people and things in the food movement he’s thankful for. The bicycle movement deserves its own list. Here’s a start: 1. …


Sharing time: Tracking the ‘sharrow’ on city streets

A sharrow in Baltimore. Photo: Elly BlueVisiting Seattle last weekend, it was impossible not to notice that its streets are absolutely covered in sharrows. “It’s almost like they polluted the streets with them,” said Tom …


The last rider: Learning to win on a 100k bike ride

David from Eugene passes a decaying farmouse on the Verboort Populaire.Photo: Elly Blue“I think the rain is really good for us as cyclists,” said my friend Maria Schur. We were in her car, headed to …


Locavore-dom taken to the extreme — by bike

Photo: MetrofietsI stepped out onto my front porch one day this summer just in time to see my farmer pedaling down the street with a trailer full of tools. To an outsider, such a vision …


True confessions of a bicycle scofflaw

Photo: mad driversOkay, confession time: I’m one of “those” cyclists. You know, the ones who are giving us all a bad name, the ones who think we’re above the law, who regularly pass through stop …


The fashionable cyclist: Why let a little rain get you down?

Got a long, wet ride to work? You can do it, and still arrive looking snappy, writes Elly Blue.


Riding the crimson tide: bicycling when you have your period

Elly Blue demystifies the one true women's issue in bicycling: biking on your period.

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