Geoffrey Lean

Geoffrey Lean, Contributing Editor (Environment) at London's Daily Telegraph, has been covering the field for almost 40 years and has won many national and international awards for his work.

Letter from Europe

At Bonn climate talks, it’s a dialogue of the deaf

Climate protesters march in Bonn on June 6.Courtesy Oxfam Germany via Flickr BONN, Germany — Beethoven’s birthplace stands just a few stops down one of …

Letter from Europe

Nicholas Stern’s heresy: conceding the West’s climate burden

Nick Stern is a relatively recent recruit to the battle against climate change, but he has rapidly become one of its most formidable champions. A …

Letter from Europe

In Copenhagen, it’s the same old business

Actress Cate Blanchett tried to warm business leaders’ hearts on the subject of global climate change.Copenhagen Climate Council If Al Gore and Ban Ki-moon weren’t …

Letter from Europe

The iceman walketh

To study the conditions of sea ice, one must walk very carefully across it. Here, two members of the Catlin Arctic Survey team maneuver a …

Letter from Europe

Treating climate change as a security threat

Photo illustration by Tom Twigg / Grist Old soldiers, as they say, never die — and at 97 the legendary Vietnamese Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap …

Letter from Europe

The greening of Sarko

Think of Nicolas Sarkozy, and what springs to mind? Carla Bruni, of course. His platform heels, probably. A somewhat aggressive manner, naturellement. Napoleon Bonaparte, pourquoi …

Letter from Europe

Tripping over the fine print on the way to Copenhagen

Punctuation can be the greatest impediment to getting nations to see eye-to-eye on any issue.Jennie Faber via Flickr It was only a comma, albeit a …

Letter from Europe

The Goldman Prize: True tales of bravery

The 2009 winners of the Goldman Environmental Prize. Standing, L-R: Yuyun Ismawati, Olga Speranskaya, Wanze Eduards, and Maria Gunnoe. Front row, L-R: Rizwana Hasan, Marc …

Letter from Europe

Running out the climate clock

The “Countdown to Copenhagen” clock was front and center at the Bonn climate talks last month.Courtesy UNFCC I suppose what happened to the ticking clock …

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