Greg Hanscom

Greg Hanscom was a senior editor at Grist.

Bird’s-eye view: Why crows thrive in the urban jungle

With biodiversity on the wane, crows' prospects are inextricably linked with ours. Find out why in this video.

We’re already sick of climate change — and getting sicker

Reporter Linda Marsa investigated the impact of global warming on our health. Cover your mouth: What she found is terrifying.

Riding lessons for U.S. cities from one of Europe’s bike capitals

The key to convincing Americans to swap out the car for a bike? Make bicycling boring -- and ensure that they won’t end up as road pizza.

Spin cycle: Copenhagen’s rise, fall, and rise again to cycling supremacy

More than a third of Copenhageners bike to school or work, but it hasn't always been that way -- and city officials say that's not nearly enough.

An American in Denmark: Close encounters with European bicycle culture

In Copenhagen, bikes are as common as vacuum cleaners -- and the people who ride them are bloody amazing.

Welcome to the urban jungle: Nature in cities is Grist’s July theme

This month, look at how nature gets into our cities and under our skin, even where we least expect it.

“Catastrophic failure”: Adventures in car sharing, part 2

Turns out that, as a business proposition, the sharing economy can be a pretty risky one.

Share-brained idea: Adventures in car sharing, part 1

An unused car languishing in a driveway seems like the perfect way to join the sharing economy. What could go wrong?

Nature’s CEO: Mark Tercek says conservation is good for business

The president of the largest conservation group in the galaxy says that when it comes to cleaning air and water and standing up to climate change, nature has the best answers.