Grist staff

War on Facts

This is embarrassing, but there might some climate denial in your school.

Climate science is not controversial, guys.

Meet the fixer: This teenager gives the youngest generation a voice.

Teenagers are often left out of the green conversation. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez gives the youngest generation a voice.

Sashay Away

Coal is giving us blatant hints that it’s on the way out.

Building more coal plants? "That's not going to happen," says the CEO of a West Virginia utility.

Meet the fixer: This scientist brings social justice to her field.

Science lacks diverse perspectives. Cynthia Malone pushes for inclusivity in STEM fields.

Meet the fixer: This advocate connects green Latinos.

Environmental activism can be lonely for people of color. Mark Magaña is building a network of green Latinos.

That Makes Sense

Saturday’s marches show that a whole lot of people DO care about using sound science to make policy!

A lot of nerds made it outside today, rain or shine, to make sure the world heard how much they care about science.

Meet the fixer: This entrepreneur helps the solar industry compete.

Utilities keep solar companies in the dark. Elena Lucas brings energy data into the light.

Meet the fixer: This farmer gives vets a chance to grow.

Veterans often have limited job options. Mike Lewis helps returning vets get back to the land.

put a solar panel on it

A coal company is literally putting a solar farm on top of an old coal mine.

Dead coal mine? Put a solar panel on it!