Jason Mark

Jason Mark is the editor of Earth Island Journal and the co-manager of San Francisco's Alemany Farm. He is the coauthor, with Kevin Danaher, of Insurrection: Citizen Challenges to Corporate Power.

Urban Agriculture

By growing food, Occupy the Farm helps a movement grow up

With the takeover of a University of California agricultural testing station, Occupiers move from envisioning a new world to creating one.

The U.S. organic cotton industry has a tough row to hoe

The view from the Panoche Cotton Gin outside Firebaugh, Calif., reveals a great deal about the state of the cotton industry in the U.S. A generation ago, fields of cotton surrounded the gin as far …

Workers on organic farms are treated as poorly as their conventional counterparts

When Elena Ortiz found a job on an organic raspberry farm after working for nine years in conventionally farmed fields, she was glad for the change. The best part about her new job was that …

Could the battle for South Central Farm be coming to a close?

The scene at South Central Farm would look familiar to anyone who’s ever attended a multi-day protest: there’s a makeshift kitchen to feed the masses, a small sound stage, a tent for banner-making. But the …