Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

Bicycle pizza cutter lets you bring your love of bikes to the table

It's a pizza cutter for people who can't stand to not be touching a bike at all times!

Turn California’s drought into a game with the water-saving equivalent of Flappy Bird

These free apps make saving water (and money) a little more fun.

These blind rescued cows are best friends, and our hearts just exploded

Suddenly, we're also having a hard time seeing clearly. Must be something in our eyes.

Watch a guy rescue stranded deer with a hovercraft

Last year, we watched someone blow a stranded deer to safety with the wind from a helicopter. This year, there's a more hands-on approach.

We’re so jealous of this guy who got to hug a baby elephant

This isn't, as the internet claims, a picture of an orphaned elephant thanking her rescuer -- but it's ALL KINDS OF CUTE nonetheless.

British weather makes penguins so sad they need antidepressants

Winter in England has been rainy and windy, and penguins at the Sea Life Center in Scarborough are getting downright depressed.

We can’t get enough of this video of young seals acting like puppies

These lucky divers got to frolic underwater with seal pups.

Climate change could cause zombie smallpox (but, uh, it probably won’t) (BUT IT COULD)

Warming global temperatures could thaw out the bodies of smallpox victims in Siberia, a place so cold that the virus might have been sent into stasis instead of killed. Maybe.

Watch a baby polar bear have his first experience with snow

His verdict seems to be "squeeeee."