Joel Gwadz

Joel Gwadz bikes and blogs in Washington, D.C. His 7-year-old son has accused him of being obsessed with bikes, and he admits that bicycle grease pumps through his veins. Read more of his rants on bicycling and see his photos on his blog, Gwadzilla.

Blood on the bike path: What a tragic accident teaches us about safely sharing the trails

When an elderly woman was killed in a collision with a bicyclist, commenters on news websites unleashed a flurry of anti-cyclist vitriol. Not only was it unfair, but a few simple rules of thumb might have prevented the whole mess.

Gonzo urban bike racing cranks up camaraderie, community

In the spirit of friendly competition, urban cyclists cook up all manner of mad contests, then hold them in the most unlikely places. The result is a culture and community you could never create with cars.

Go cargo: Utility bikes take cities by storm

One of the most common excuses for using gas power rather than pedal power goes something like this: “But I can’t take the kids/dog/groceries along on my bike.” The cargo bicycle eliminates that excuse.

Look, Dad! No hands! The travails of teaching kids to bike in the city

What’s a bike-loving helicopter parent to do with kids in the urban jungle? Here are six things that will help keep your free-wheeling young’uns out of harm’s way.

Finding the zone: The Zen of urban cycling

Whether you’re riding in the city or the remote mountain biking trails, cycling requires your complete focus. Do it right, and you feel invincible. Slip up, and you could be on a backboard getting a ride to the ER.