Joseph Romm

Joseph Romm is the editor of Climate Progress and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

The Hunger Games: The world after a climate apocalypse, teen fiction style

The movie version of The Hunger Games, the wildly popular young adult novel set in a future ravaged by climate disasters and food insecurity, comes out this week.

Inhofe: Global warming too costly to be real

Sen. James Inhofe appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show -- and accidentally revealed the real reason he became a climate denier.

Will global warming ruin football in the South?

In a hotter world, watching and playing football outdoors in the South will be almost unbearable.

Bill Gates wants to solve hunger caused by climate change with GMOs

Gates has done his research on the problems climate change is already causing for the global food supply. But he thinks more GMOs, not holistic, soil-based climate change mitigation, is the answer.

Natural gas: A bridge to nowhere

Natural gas might have been a "bridge fuel" to a low-carbon future 30 years ago, but today it does little to solve the climate problem, especially without a price on carbon.

On cleantech, no Newt is good Newt

No single politician since Ronald Reagan has done more to set back America’s leadership in clean technology than Newt Gingrich.

Boston Globe endorses Huntsman, cites climate and energy views

Jon Huntsman, the least crazy GOP presidential candidate, scored an endorsement from the largest newspaper in the state Mitt Romney once governed.

Obama’s climate leadership? ‘It doesn’t exist,’ says Tim Wirth

Tim Wirth.Photo: Center for American Progress Action FundCross-posted from Climate Progress. U.N. Foundation President Tim Wirth told Climate Wire this week that President Obama has a “last window of opportunity” to avert catastrophic climate change — assuming he gets reelected: …

Top five craziest things GOP contenders said on climate in 2011

With Michele Bachmann, it’s the cumulative craziness that blows one away.Photo: IowaPolitics.comCross-posted from Climate Progress. Sure, the extremist wing of the GOP has been saying crazy things about climate for a while. But the anti-science wing is now in charge …