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Kate Sheppard was previously Grist's political reporter. She now covers energy and the environment for The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter.

Makes me want to Ralph (Lauren)

‘Eco-hedonism’ is the new meme

This takes the green-is-the-new-black thing to a whole new level. Five hundred dollar designer canvas bags made with organic cotton, fur coats made from the pelts of invasive species, solar-powered vibrators disguised as cell phones, …

A river runs through it


The International Rivers Network has a new study out, “Before the Deluge: Coping with Floods in a Changing Climate,” which details the failures of flood control techniques like dams and levees and presents other options …

Let's not talk about sex, baby

Congess extends abstinence-only funding

Perhaps I can mention this without this post devolving into a population pissing match, but FYI, on Wednesday the House approved continued funding of abstinence-only education as part of Section 510 of Title V of …

Also, people who sell deodorant will make more money

Thanks for the observation, Washington Post

Today’s “I’m a journalist and I’m objective, here let me prove it to you!” gem of the day, nestled in an otherwise relevant and interesting Washington Post article on the costs of climate change: Some …

The wind and the William

Malawian man powers village with a $16 windmill

A great story via Inhabitat: With all the sobering news lately about global warming and war, it’s important to remember all the positive things that are also going on in the world at any given …

Well, tickle my magic wand

Harry Potter goes green, but what about the rest of the industry?

Ahhh, books. They’re like websites on paper, from what I gather. We wrote a while back about Harry Potter going green for the last installment of the series, with two-thirds of the 16,700 tons of …

Here's a green Ditty for ya

More green musicians

We’ve gotten tons of emails from people who are all like “Why didn’t my fav band make your ‘15 Green Musicians and Bands‘ list, yo?” Most of them are just sorta self-righteous and annoying. But …

Soap opera

A documentary about a crazed man and his love of soap and humankind

Usually when I roll out of bed and into the shower in the morning, I’m too lethargic to remember to wash between my toes, let alone analyze the prose on my bottle of soap. Which …

Toyotaing with our hearts

Car company on national tour to pimp hybrids

If you want to learn more about hybrids, or uh, at least Toyota’s take on hybrids, the company is on a “Highway to the Future” national tour to hook some more folks on their line …

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