Katharine Wroth

Boom and Bust

The incredible history of fossil-fuel beauty pageants

From Appalachia to the Badlands, communities that owe their existence to coal, gas, and oil honor that legacy with beauty pageants.


More plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 — and other fun garbage facts!

If there's one thing Americans like more than buying stuff, it's throwing that stuff away. We take a by-the-numbers look at the country's waste line.

Waste Not, Want Not

How tracking poop could help build better communities

The U.S. Census is a slow, constipated process -- could public officials benefit from a quicker approach to counting heads?

If You Build It, They Will Groan

Oil heir bringing Mormon-inspired sustainable city to rural Vermont

Could a sustainable city designed nearly 200 years ago change the world? One developer is scooping up land in the hopes of finding out.

Bite Me

Why are mosquitoes already biting my kid in March?

An open letter to the mosquito that bit my kid on an early spring day.

Our Bowies, Ourselves

David Bowie was the internet before the internet existed

Why did a guy in tights who sang about outer space get so many people talking this week? It has something to do with our incredibly shrinking planet.

Lookin' for Love in Alderaan Places

The most important landscape in Star Wars ain’t on a map, kid

Star Wars movies have always leaned heavily on nature to get their point across -- but the new one adds a surprising type of landscape to the mix.

The Paris climate talks: Yes oui can!

Surprise! The Paris climate agreement is in your house

Allow us to break down a pretty complicated Paris climate deal for you -- using everyday household objects.


Of soccer moms and sinister U.N. plots

When communities embrace sustainability, are they actually falling victim to the evil U.N. plot known as Agenda 21? A visit to a simple town meeting in New England reveals the surprising truth.