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The travails of a novice bike commuter

Photo by wakingphotolife:.

“Alright, wish me luck,” I said to my coworkers. “If you don’t hear from me tonight, send out a search party.”

It was my first day biking to and from work in downtown Seattle, and I was dreading the 15 uphill blocks home. And for good reason, it turned out. Just six blocks from the office, I took a right turn and, BAM! I rode straight into the path of an oncoming bus.

Don’t worry, I didn’t get flattened. The adrenaline and I were off that bike and up on the sidewalk so fast nobody even saw me. At least, that’s what I tell myself. It was my first (but not last) epic mistake as a novice bike commuter trying to navigate the streets of a city I had only lived in for two months: I had turned the wrong way down a one-way street.

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Ask to grind: Your questions for presidential candidates

Hey, presidential wannabes: Can you hear us now?

The next GOP presidential debate is nigh, and as Lisa Hymas wrote last week, we’re tired of gabbing about the Moon. Past debate questions haven’t cut it: Only two out of 839 questions asked at presidential debates last year involved climate change, and the rest of the questions focused mostly on survey data and campaign strategy (nodding off yet?). Where are the questions that really matter? More specifically: Where are the climate questions?

So before the GOP debate in Arizona, we turned to savvy Grist readers to help us cut through the political hackery and ask the burning questions that really need answering. (We're partnering with the Guardian and other news outlets in this effort.) Turns out you’re ready to grill the candidates on clean energy, fracking, public health, and more.

Reader Rebecca Thistlethwaite sums it up nicely: “When are you going to give a shit about the world our grandchildren are going to inherit?” Exactly.

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