Lisa Hymas

Lisa Hymas is senior editor at Grist. She tweets sometimes.

Neil: a done deal

You can expect Neil Gorsuch to be bad news for the environment.

Our new Supreme Court justice has a record of siding with corporations and blocking environmentalists' cases from proceeding in court.

Trump’s latest environmental evildoing: More pollution, less protection

With a single order, the president did more climate damage than during his previous 67 days in office.

On the right side of the fracks

Surprise: This Republican governor now wants his state to ban fracking.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan shocked many when he endorsed a bill that would completely outlaw the practice.

not all funds and games

Trump’s budget is a declaration of war on the environment

Here are 13 ways that it would massively screw over the climate, clean water, Amtrak, and more.

We’re 50 days into the Trump presidency, and he’s already made quite the mess

Draconian budget cuts. Evisceration of the EPA. More denier dolts in the cabinet. The eco-carnage just keeps on coming.

Good Will Huntsman

Trump just picked an ambassador to Russia who (gasp!) cares about climate change.

Jon Huntsman has called on his fellow Republicans to believe scientists and start dealing with global warming.

Oh say, can you DNC?

Climate activists are rooting for Keith Ellison to head up the Democratic National Committee.

Bill McKibben argues that Ellison, a progressive, would help the party regain credibility with young people.

Trump’s environmental assault continues, and now he’ll have Pruitt as a henchman

A month in, here's an account of the administration's impact on public health and the planet.

Week Two brings more enemies of the environment to Team Trump

Second verse, same as the first.