Matt Bevilacqua

Matt Bevilacqua is associate editor at Next American City.

Jungle gym urbanism: Help this guy turn a vacant house into a bouncy-ball pit

What’s to be done with that neglected, burnt-out shell of a house that’s creating an eyesore in the neighborhood? Josh Ente of New Orleans apparently takes his inspiration from Chuck E. Cheese’s.

What does your ideal street look like? A smart growth expert weighs in

Planner and smart-growth advocate Mike Lydon talks bike-friendly cities and bike-unfriendly cops, livable streets, and his ideal streetscape.

Off-ramp: How demolishing freeways is reviving American cities

Former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist talks about why it makes economic sense to tear out urban expressways, and why a little gridlock might actually be a good thing.

A mission for the next generation: Fix suburbia

We’ve spent 50 years subsidizing sprawling suburban development. Now we need to rethink and reimagine, says architecture professor Ellen Dunham-Jones. The good news? It has already begun.