Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

When it comes to the weather, we are basically cavemen

Which is to say: lots of updates on the drought and the hurricanes -- including Isaac, who may be on his way back.

Mixed blessing: New Yorkers can get free cab rides from Uber this week

This article is available in both Manhattan and non-Manhattan versions.

Hurricane Isaac leaves tar balls, oiled animals on Louisiana beaches

BP says it's not entirely clear who's to blame. (Really.)

Coal company: Global market prompts miner furlough. GOP rep: I blame Obama

The closure of at least one mine will put 606 employees out of work.

Three-man crew traverses Northwest Passage by sailboat

The once-impassable M'Clure Strait saw enough ice melt last week that the sailboat could pass through -- though not without some nervousness on the part of the crew.

New York City will soon start zapping its water with ultraviolet light

The city's famously delicious drinking water will be treated by the biggest UV disinfection plant in the world.

Projecting the very hot future of California’s cities

A state panel outlines the expected spike in the number of extremely hot days for California cities.

The government can’t afford its greenhouse gas monitoring regimen anymore

NOAA spends about $6 million a year to monitor CO2 and other greenhouse gases -- or it used to, when it had money.

The Democratic Convention kicks off, its greenness in the eye of the beholder

The Democrats' platform is less green than it was four years ago -- but they have lots of composting and recycling bins at the convention center.