Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

As Obama runs toward the coal industry, it keeps running away

In the Bizarro world of the 2012 election, a Democrat attacks his Republican opponent for wanting to undermine the coal industry. What?

Meet Keystone XL’s worst enemy: The burying beetle

This gross thing might stop that other gross thing.

More fracking, more wastewater, more spills

Wastewater injection wells can leak in multiple ways -- injection into the ground being the most risky.

Panama Canal to add a lane, massively reduce fuel used for shipping

A century after it opened, the Panama Canal is poised to remake cargo transport once again.

July 2012, the hottest month ever, in five charts

Hope you like the color red.

The U.S. keeps passing more and more renewable energy milestones

More renewables in California, more solar at Walmart, and more wind power everywhere.

Smart Minnesota public utility smartly votes to shutter coal plant

The increasing cost of coal -- both as a fuel source and as a pollutant -- prompts Rochester's public utility to shut its plant.

Typhoons and flooding soak Philippines and China

The worst flooding in years hits Manila, while China is battered by a series of typhoons.

Washington comes down with green fever, expected to survive

A new partnership between Defense and Interior, plus an announcement from the White House, means a good day for renewables.